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Fundraising Event

Penhaligon's Friends Christmas Auction 2022

Penhaligon's Friends

On the First Day of Christmas, the Penhaligon’s Friends Christmas Auction began...

Struggling for gift ideas? Look no further, our Christmas Auction has a wonderful selection of gifts and festive treats to suit all ages and interests so why not take a peek at some of the gifts we have up for grabs below.

All of these items have been kindly donated by incredible local businesses, so please do support our fundraising by bidding if you can. All of the funds raised by the auction will directly support bereaved children and young people in Cornwall.

The auction launches on Thursday 1st December and will run until Sunday 11th December at 10pm.

Please note, each individual item description contains details about postage or collection.

To find out more about Penhaligon's Friends please see our website penhaligonsfriends.org.uk

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Penhaligon's Friends

Penhaligon's Friends are a registered charity supporting bereaved children, young people and their families in Cornwall. find out more

Penhaligon's Friends