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Pharmacist Support

Pharmacist Support

North West

Pharmacist Support the independent charity working for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students in times of need

Pharmacist Support offers free and confidential support includes financial assistance, a stress helpline, a wellbeing service, addiction support, debt, benefits & employment advice and an enquiry service. In 2015 Pharmacist Support provided over 2800 acts of support and help to pharmacists, their families and pharmacy students in times of need. Pharmacist Support is there to offer a helping hand to colleagues who find themselves confronted by difficult circumstances, for whatever reason.

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Pharmacist Support

PHARM008 One Off Donation

One Off Donation

Make a One off Donation to Pharmacist Support... Read more

PHARMACIST Recurring Monthly Donation

Recurring Monthly Donation

A regular gift helps us to plan our services for people facing difficult challenges in life more effectively.... Read more

PHARM004 #GoGreen4PS


Pharmacist Support asks everyone to Go Green to raise money for Pharmacist Support. ... Read more

PHARM001 175 Hero Campaign

175 Hero Campaign

Join our team of heroes and take part in a mission to secure the future of the profession’s charity. ... Read more