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PramDepot CIC

PramDepot CIC


PramDepot recycles baby clothes and equipment and passes them onto women with no recourse to public funds or are living in chaotic circumstances.

PramDepot is a Community Interest Company (Not for Profit) which re-cycles baby clothes and equipment for women who have no recourse to public funds or are otherwise in precarious or vulnerable positions. Often without family or friends, they include asylum seekers, women fleeing domestic violence and those with mental health issues. We accept high quality donations from the local community and (as necessary) clean, repair, beautifully present and deliver all the items needed by a new mum and her baby.

The women are referred to us by a number of organisations working with vulnerable women. – Birth Companions, The British Red Cross, Helen Bamber Foundation, Haringey and Hackney Migrant Support Centres, Vulnerable Midwife Teams at several hospitals, Home Start Haringey, Bright Beginings, Re-Unite and other Women’s Prison Services.

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PramDepot CIC