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PTSD UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of PTSD - no matter the trauma that caused it.

Our charity aims to raise awareness of PTSD in three main areas – it’s causes, symptoms and the treatments available. These 3 areas are of vital importance to those suffering with the condition. Causes: Many people have pre-conceived ideas of PTSD, and what can cause it. There is a widespread misunderstanding around PTSD. It’s vital that people are aware if they (or a friend or family member) have suffered a trauma, they should be mindful of trauma symptoms, and the possibility of PTSD. Symptoms: There are two areas in which knowing the symptoms of PTSD are useful. The first is that people may recognise the symptoms in themselves (or a friend or family member) and reach out for help – starting their recovery process. The other is those who are suffering with PTSD, can understand that what they’re thinking or feeling, or how their body is reacting, is ‘normal’ for someone with PTSD – this can be of huge comfort knowing that once the PTSD is resolved, those symptoms will be too. Treatments: As PTSD arises from a specific trauma (or a number of traumas or sustained traumas) it means that the issues and symptoms can be resolved, and effectively treated. There are a variety of therapies and activities than can help ease PTSD symptoms, some immediate, and some longer term, but the current NICE guidelines recommend EMDR and CBT as the main options for the treatment of PTSD.
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