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RAMM Development Trust

RAMM Development Trust

South West

The RAMM Development Trust is an independent charity. It supports Exeter’s much-loved Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM).

The Trust has supported RAMM since 1994. Its purpose is to raise the profile of RAMM and secure funds for its development, now and in the future. Support includes: - RAMM’s major redevelopment, completed in 2011 - acquisitions and conservation - inspiring exhibitions - special events and activities such as dementia-friendly workshops - setting up the RAMM Future Fund ‘The world has become a very small place for me and RAMM… takes be beyond the pinched smallness of my current life to expand through cultures, particularly those overseas people that I knew and love, and transports me across time and place.’ RAMM supporter The charity transferred to a CIO in 2020, it is registered with the Charity Commission (1181542), and the Fundraising Regulator.

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RAMM Development Trust

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