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Redditch Round Table

Redditch Round Table

West Midlands

Redditch Round Table, raises money for local causes and works with the local community and supports charitable causes with fundraising activities.

We are a group who enjoy helping our local community through various fundraising activities and community projects, fun nights out and trying new experiences. Our Table is one of the most established Tables in the country, founded in 1948, and we have a number of members ranging from 28-44 years old. We are always looking for new members so if you are interested in meeting up then email us - info@redditchroundtable.com. Our activities and events range from sports challenges, nights out at organised functions and restaurants to family days out and social events. There is always a full calendar to keep things varied and interesting. You can read more about us, see what we get up to and follow us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/redditchroundtable. We are also a registered charity and as a member organisation we raise money for local causes and take pride in working with the local community, supporting charitable causes with various fundraising activities. You may have seen our Christmas sleigh runs which happen every December, across various areas of Redditch. Being able to put something back into the community is extremely rewarding and great fun at the same time. Redditch Round Table belongs to the National Organisation of Round Table Great Britain and Ireland. Further general information about Table can be found on the website http://www.roundtable.org.uk

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Redditch Round Table

REDDITCH Redditch Round Table Christmas 2020

Redditch Round Table Christmas 2020

Redditch Round Table is raising funds online, as we cannot go out and knock doors this Christmas, we need to look at other ways of raising money to he... Read more