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Reed's School Foundation

Reed's School Foundation

South East

Reed's Foundation helps vulnerable children to overcome trauma, to define their futures and to go into the world with self-confidence and self-belief.

Unlike many other educational institutions, Reed’s is a foundation with a school. The Foundation is the beating heart of Reed’s School and for over 200 years has been working with disadvantaged children to help inspire confidence and realise true potential through excellent educational provision and pastoral support. The Foundation: - funds bursaries to provide life-changing education for vulnerable children at Reed’s School that aims to break the cycle of disadvantage and realise true potential; - funds the provision of outstanding pastoral care to support vulnerable children that aims to inspire confidence and build resilience; - works with schools from across London and Surrey to offer enrichment activities that aim to raise the aspirations of children; works with other charities, trusts and foundations that aims to share best practice in providing the best support for vulnerable children.
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Reed's School Foundation

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