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Rotary Club of Haslemere

Rotary Club of Haslemere

South East

Rotary is an enjoyable sociable way of helping the local and international community

Haslemere Rotary Club meets weekly to organise both social and fundraising activities. Venues will vary from local pubs, members houses/ gardens, Community Halls and occasionally more formal gatherings in local hotels. The club serves not only Haslemere but also Liphook, Grayswood, Grayshott, Hindhead, Chiddingfold and surrounding villages. We are always ready to welcome prospective new members, both male and female, who wish to put something back into the community, enjoy friendship, and aim to have fun whilst helping others. The Rotary Club of Haslemere was formed and chartered on May 30th 1935, our 80th anniversary took place on May 30th 2015.
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Rotary Club of Haslemere

RUDOLF Haslemere Rotary Sleigh

Haslemere Rotary Sleigh

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