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Rotary Club of Kingston Upon Thames Trust Fund

Rotary Club of Kingston Upon Thames Trust Fund

South East

In challenging times, our help is even more vital. It is quick and easy to support Kingston Rotary - all it takes is a text message.

Volunteering, fundraising, sharing our professional skills to help local charities develop – these are just some of the activities we get involved in and just a few of the organisations we have helped: Raising funds through Christmas Collections and Sleigh runs, Dragon Boat Race Event, with Round Table the annual Fireworks Event. Giving service through Youth events, Young Chef, Youth Speaks, Rotakids and KidsOut a National charity started by Kingston Rotary. Helping charities and organisations: Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness, Kingston Foodbank, Kingston Welcare, Home-Start, Kingston Hospital Charity, Age Concern, Kingston Samaritans, Kingston Young Carers, St. Peter’s Church, Kingston Refugee Action, Kingston University Disaster Fund, Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. We are unable do any of this without our donors, so a big thank you from Kingston Rotary.
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Rotary Club of Kingston Upon Thames Trust Fund

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