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Sacred Trinity Church

Sacred Trinity Church

North West

Our vision is to build friendship and community in which faith, hope and love can transform lives.

Sacred Trinity are a welcoming church worshipping in a small but lovely building. Sacred Trinity was the first church in Salford but is right next to Manchester city centre and we relate to both the city centre and the rest of Salford. Many of our congregation walk to church but some come from further away. The building is also host to a variety of different group Including Various weekly activities: Our Church: Community Choir: Bell Ringing: Ydalir Vikings: Silence in the City Manchester School of Samba Manchester Migrant Solidarity ArA Night Along with many Film Nights and Gigs See or web page for further information or follow us on facebook sacredsalford or twitter @sacredsalford
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Sacred Trinity Church

STCS001 Our fundraising campaign

Our fundraising campaign

We're here in the heart of the City to serve everyone but like all organisations we need finance!... Read more