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Safe and Free

Safe and Free

North West

Safe and Free prevents grooming, CSE and trafficking. We are a social enterprise and charity.

Safe and Free wants to put trafficking out of business!

Everyone needs to be more aware of trafficking, grooming and CSE (child sexualexploitation), but particular groups are really important.

1) Young people need to be more aware as they could be potential victims, which is whywe work in schools and in children’s care homes.

2) At-risk businesses need help to protect their enterprise from mis-use by traffickerswho might exploit the business location or infrastructure to sell the services of victims of trafficking, for example a hotel could be a location where a victim of trafficking is exploited. This is why we provide expert business consultancy and services.


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Safe and Free

SAFE001 Safe and Free in Education

Safe and Free in Education

Protecting young people from grooming, CSE and trafficking through education in secondary schools.... Read more