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South East

Seaview is an open access wellbeing centre based in St Leonard's on sea offering help and inspiration to people living on society's margins.

At the time of Care and Community and the closing of the County Asylum at Hellingly, a number of individuals found themselves unable to cope with life outside of an institutional setting and without sufficient support to sustain themselves in a community setting. Many became homeless and vulnerable and in need of advocacy and support. Seaview began as a truly community based response to expressed need and has continued to support people on the edges of society for a wide range of reasons.Today Seaview Centre and activities are funded from a mix of statutory funding, grants and charitable donations, and delivered with an open access approach to people experiencing a range of issues including: mental health, learning disabilities, substance misuse, physical disabilities social isolation, rough sleeping and homelessness.Seaview became a registered Charity in August 1985 and a Company Limited by Guarantee in September 1996.
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