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Serenity Wellbeing Services CIC

Serenity Wellbeing Services CIC

North West

Serenity Wellbeing Services CIC are a Manchester based mental health support service, promoting the benefits of exercise and mental health.

We recognise that good mental health and wellbeing are an integral part of every persons’ life and that everyday physical activities can improve our mental health, wellbeing, levels of happiness and life satisfaction. We offer service users the opportunity to train and become more active in their daily lives by using the personal experiences we have gained in how exercise can help decrease the effects of mental health symptoms and improve daily lives. It is our aim to work with people at all stages of their recovery journey whether in the gym or community and we want to encourage people to do things in their own time, rather than feel pushed to do things in a certain time frame as this can be detrimental to their recovery journey.
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Serenity Wellbeing Services CIC

SERENITY 24 Hour Cardio-A-Thon @ Proper Gym

24 Hour Cardio-A-Thon @ Proper Gym

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