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Spring into Action

Spring into Action

North West

Spring into Action, est 2012, supports people with learning disabilities to be active citizens

Spring into Action is a CIC with a vision of an inclusive society where people with learning disabilities can fully participate. We aim to provide opportunities for people to engage in activities, volunteer within services and find employment. Over the past six years, we have provided a range of services working with people with learning disabilities to reduce isolation, improve confidence and provide opportunities to train as volunteers. This has been undertaken via healthy lifestyles projects, arts and sports projects, as well as volunteer training courses. Our current services include working with five people with physical and learning disabilities who are co-trainers, training sports coaches to make their sessions inclusive, a fortnightly inclusive sports club and Meet N Match, a friendship and dating agency for adults with learning disabilities and autism.
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Spring into Action

MATCH01 Meet N Match

Meet N Match

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