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St Andrew's Church - Organ Appeal

St Andrew's Church - Organ Appeal


St Andrew's Church - Organ Fundraising Appeal

One of the greatest treasures of our parish is the organ in St Andrews church. Originally built by Bryce Seede in 1752 (arguably the finest West Country organ builder) it was relocated and substantially expanded in 1879. It is one of only two surviving Bryce Seede organs in the world. This magnificent instrument is now overdue for a significant rebuild, and the part of the wind chest that feeds the swell organ was not functioning as it should over the very hot summer last year. The costs of doing this will be considerable, and the PCC have set up an organ rebuilding committee to plan the rebuild and raise the appropriate funds.
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St Andrew's Church - Organ Appeal

TTUG001 Organ Fundraising

Organ Fundraising

We aim to preserve the St Andrew's Church organ to keep it playable for the next generation... Read more