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St Columba's Church, Omagh

St Columba's Church, Omagh

Northern Ireland

St Columba's Church Omagh, opened in 1871, is undergoing a major restoration to enhance and preserve it so that future generations can be enriched.

St Columba's Church has been central to religious life in Omagh since the 1700s, and the current building dates from 1871. As we approach the 150th anniversary of this historical building, we are enhancing it with a major restoration to make it fit for purpose for future generations. St Columba's has a rich history, and included in its fabric is the work of countless architects, artists and craftspeople across many decades. We want to preserve the building by restoring it. One of the famous 'Three Spires of Omagh', St Columba's has stood at the top of the town for almost 150 years, as a welcoming community for all people. Our aim is to make sure St Columba's is ready to stand tall for another 150 years of Omagh history.

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St Columba's Church, Omagh

OMAGH St Columba's Church Omagh Fundraising

St Columba's Church Omagh Fundraising

As St Columba's Church in Omagh comes to its 150th Anniversary in 2021, we are making the building ready to stand for the next 150 year. Will you join... Read more