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St Thomas à Becket

St Thomas à Becket

South West

The Church of St Thomas à Becket in the village of Box, Wiltshire.

Welcome to our Churches. We are a lively and welcoming group of people of all ages and backgrounds who try to live out Jesus' teaching today. There are lots of different services and events where we worship God, enjoy time together, study the bible and pray for our world, nation, community and individuals. We try to live out our faith in the community - have a look at our news page to see what is happening. We are part of the Lidbrook Group of Churches comprising the villages of Box, Colerne, Ditteridge and surrounding areas.
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St Thomas à Becket

SMLZ02 St Thomas à Becket Church

St Thomas à Becket Church

Please help us to be here for other families in the future. ... Read more

SMLZ01 St Thomas à Becket Box Youth and Children's work

St Thomas à Becket Box Youth and Children's work

Donations towards the work St Thomas à Becket does in Box for the children and young people of the village.... Read more