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STORM Skills Training CIC

STORM Skills Training CIC

North West

STORM® Skills Training CIC is dedicated to Suicide Prevention. We provide training, community engagement programmes and fund the #HeyAreYouOK campaign

STORM® is known internationally for its high impact, evidence based suicide prevention training and community engagement work. It began at the University of Manchester in the mid-1990’s as a research project to develop a skills-based training format. In 2003, The STORM® Project was created to sell the training packages on a not-for-profit basis. In 2011, STORM® Skills Training CIC (Limited by Guarantee) was incorporated to further grow the business and social impact.

Excess income funds other community engagement programmes including hosting free Seminars and a Mental Health Network that connects and engages local services. We also fund the #HeyAreYouOK? Campaign: raising awareness of distress and helping before suicide becomes an option.


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STORM Skills Training CIC

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