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Sulgrave Manor Trust

Sulgrave Manor Trust

East Midlands

Built by the ancestors of George Washington, Sulgrave Manor is steeped in history with a legacy that unites nations.

Discover the origins of the Washington family wealth, how they crossed the Atlantic when their fortunes faded and find out about George Washington, the man behind the myth. Sulgrave Manor is home to an accredited museum collection and is open to the public during our open Season from April to October. Within the Manor we share stories about Sulgrave Manor and its owners . This is possible thanks to some of the most influential people on both sides of the Atlantic who funded the restoration of Sulgrave Manor, the home of George Washington’s English ancestors, as part of the centenary commemorations for the Treaty of Ghent which established peace between Britain and the United States of America after the War of 1812. Once purchased the restoration was delayed by the outbreak of the First World War, and Sulgrave Manor finally opened to the public on 21 June 1921. In the same year, Sulgrave Manor Board (now Sulgrave Manor Trust) was established to preserve Sulgrave Manor for the public benefit and promote its historic and symbolic role in Anglo-American relations. Today Sulgrave Manor is an independent charity, existing entirely through the generosity of our donors, supporters and visitors.
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Sulgrave Manor Trust

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Built by the ancestors of George Washington and saved from ruin by donors from both the UK and USA, Sulgrave Manor is steeped in history with a legacy... Read more