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South West

Superact is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that uses music and the arts to develop and deliver a wide range of social impact projects.

Based in the UK but with an international reach, Superact delivers creative interventions that make a positive difference in key areas of community development, skills development, employability and health and wellbeing.
Through its work, Superact uses participatory arts based projects to improve lives by empowering individuals and strengthening communities.
As an organisation, Superact promotes social inclusion, boosts employability and increases wellbeing by building the self esteem and confidence of the people it works with.
Combining creative flexibility, experienced arts management staff and an extensive roster of professional artists, Superact has a proven track record of delivering projects that have significant social impact at home and abroad.
Superact was founded in Wellington, Somerset in 2006 and now has an an office in Exeter with its Headquarters in Bristol.

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