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Tackling Minds CIC

Tackling Minds CIC

North West

‘Tight Lines for Healthy Minds’....Tackling Minds trains people to fish to help their Mental Health.

Formed in early 2020, Tackling Minds is an established, trusted provider of UK angling events to inclusively support people with issues. Working closely with mental health organisations, schools and social prescribing link workers, Tackling Minds volunteers provide a safe, supportive, accessible and affordable environment within which any community’s diverse population can enjoy cultural, educational, leisure and social activities. Engaging with small groups, using various fishing methods, it provides personal stimulation and development opportunities via positive stress-relief therapy that being in blue-green spaces offer. The Team assembles people in a socially engaging environment that’s essential to securing well-being and active ageing.

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Tackling Minds CIC

TMINDS Tackling Minds. Tight Lines For Healthy Minds

Tackling Minds. Tight Lines For Healthy Minds

Tackling Minds is a trusted provider of UK Angling Events which support people with issues; we teach People to Fish to help their Mental Health... Read more