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South East

Described as “devastatingly beautiful” (Gramophone Magazine), award-winning choir Tenebrae is one of the world’s leading vocal ensembles.

“Choral music doesn’t get more magnificent than this” – Classic FM

Tenebrae is renowned for its highly-acclaimed interpretations of choral music with repertoire ranging from hauntingly passionate works of the Renaissance through to contemporary choral masterpieces. The choir is regularly engaged with the world’s finest orchestras and has appeared at major national and international festivals. ‘Passion and Precision’ are Tenebrae’s core values. Through its continued dedication to performance of the highest quality, Tenebrae’s vision is to deliver dramatic programming, flawless performances and unforgettable experiences, allowing audiences around the world to be moved by the power and intimacy of the human voice.

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TENE003 Holy Week Festival Appeal

Holy Week Festival Appeal

St John's Smith Square and Tenebrae are running an Appeal to raise £5000 to support their 2018 Holy Week Festival.... Read more

Fully funded TENE002 Tenebrae Christmas Appeal for Choral Development Programme

Tenebrae Christmas Appeal for Choral Development Programme

We have launched this year’s Christmas Appeal to raise £5000 to support our Choral Development programme. ... Read more

Fully funded
TENE001 Support Tenebrae

Support Tenebrae

As a registered charity, the choir's achievements have only been made possible by the generosity of supporters who believe in our innovative work.... Read more