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The City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra

The City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra

South East

The CRSO was formed in 1969 and is a major amateur orchestra in north Kent, led by Music Director Peter Bassano. ts President is Sir Roger Norrington.

The CRSO was formed to nurture excellence through music in the community, and places the local community at the heart of all that it does. The orchestra has given 3 World Premiere performances of music by composers from the University of Kent recently, and the CRSO outreach programme includes a Young Composers' evening which allows young composers from the local area to hear their works played by the orchestra. We offer ticket concessions for young audience members, schools, and community groups. Every year a chamber orchestra consisting of CRSO musicians undertakes a number of informal outreach performances at events such as the Rochester Literature Festival, the Dickens Festival, the Lenham Family Festival and the Chatham River Festival.

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The City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra

CRSO001 City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra

City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra

The CRSO is raising funds to increase its scope for offering reduced price and free tickets to members of the local community.... Read more