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The Coroners' Courts Support Service

The Coroners' Courts Support Service


The Coroners’ Courts Support Service provides support to people attending Inquests at the Coroners’ Courts and via our National Helpline.

Founded in 2003 Roey attended an Inquest into the death of a family member. The experience left the family grief-stricken and Roey decided to set up the CCSS to enable bereaved families to receive support. Having someone there to guide you through the often-complicated process and to explain what will happen, the purpose of the Inquest and, most importantly, what part the family can take within it. An Inquest makes an already difficult situation and the grieving process for bereaved families more complicated. By supporting the Coroners’ Courts Support Service you are helping thousands of people access the support they need to help them through a really difficult time in their life. Thank you for your support.
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The Coroners' Courts Support Service

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