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The Courtauld Institute of Art Fund

The Courtauld Institute of Art Fund


The Courtauld Institute of Art opens minds to the power of art as central to human experience.

As a specialist arts university and gallery located in Somerset House, The Courtauld invites our students, staff and visitors to look closely, and engage with the history and meaning behind our visual world. Our faculty teach degree programmes in History of Art, Conservation and Curating to a student body of over 550. Our resources include outstanding book and image libraries, the Sackler Research Forum and The Courtauld Gallery’s world-renowned art collection. Our research ranges from the prevention of deterioration of ancient artefacts to studying the interaction of new technologies with the contemporary art world. The Courtauld is the world’s leading centre for the study of the history and conservation of art and architecture.

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The Courtauld Institute of Art Fund

LAUNCH Courtauld Connects Launch

Courtauld Connects Launch

Launching The Courtauld’s campaign to transform our buildings and expand the reach of our work in art history education: Courtauld Connects... Read more