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The Disability Foundation

The Disability Foundation


TDF is a national registered charity that offers complementary therapies to people with disabilities, their families, carers and NHS staff.

The Disability Foundation (TDF) offers complementary therapies to any disabled person or person with a chronic health condition as well as those involved in their care (paid and unpaid carers, close family members, NHS staff etc). Complementary therapies available to all, enables people who need support the most access it as often as they would like. We are a unique organisation because not only do we have no age, religious or ethnic barrier, our doors are open to a range of conditions rather than a single disability/health issue and everybody is treated as an individual. TDF believes that by using holistic and natural approaches alongside conventional medicine, quality of life is enhanced, pain can be relieved and well-being promoted. We are dedicated to providing excellence in service, and strive to be at the forefront of quality complementary therapy care.
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The Disability Foundation

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