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The Green Team

The Green Team


The Green Team has been running outdoor activities for 25 years – supporting young people to connect with nature, others and themselves.

We are a small charity working across Edinburgh and the Lothians. We are passionate about getting young people outdoors – escaping from ‘screens’ and embracing fun and friendships in the fresh air. We arrange projects that help young people realise the benefits that come from a connection with nature. For some, that is an opportunity to get involved in practical environmental conservation work and learning more about the natural world. For others, it is the opportunity to use nature for personal development: building resilience, confidence and relationships, exploring risk or enjoying respite. “This day has given me the opportunity to do something to take care of myself and give something back to nature too. That feels really good” Young Person
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The Green Team

Fundraising Event The Green Team Christmas Auction

The Green Team Christmas Auction

It’s been a tough old year, so the Green Team is hosting an online auction to help young people who have been hard hit in 2020. Funds raised will...

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GTFUND Green Team Fundraising

Green Team Fundraising

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