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The Horse Trust

The Horse Trust

South East

The Horse Trust is the oldest horse charity in the world. From our very first day in 1886 we have relied entirely on donations to support our work.

For over 130 years The Horse Trust has specialised in providing retirement for working horses and ponies. These hard-working public servants have served our nation in the Police, the Army or with charities such as Riding for the Disabled. We also provide sanctuary to horses, ponies and donkeys who have suffered from cruelty or neglect and who are in desperate need of specialist care. It is at our Home of Rest that we also demonstrate best practice and deliver professional training in horse care and welfare. We have invested in funding veterinary research that has led to major advances in horse welfare. This training and research helps develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve the care, welfare and quality of life of all horses.
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The Horse Trust

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