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The Lord's Taverners Limited

The Lord's Taverners Limited


The Lord's Taverners uses sport, especially cricket, to improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged young people across the UK.

The Lord’s Taverners aim is to improve the prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people through sport and recreation. We’re achieving this by building links between communities, encouraging groups to play sport together and providing vital facilities that enable young people to fulfil their potential. Throughout the country, our programmes are breaking down barriers, empowering young people and helping to build crucial life skills. We’re laying the foundations for a positive future and building stronger communities across the UK. Through our cricket programmes - Wicketz (working in disadvantaged communities), Super 1s (for active disabled young people) and Table cricket - we create teams, develop skills, and provide opportunities for young people to enjoy themselves, develop confidence and self esteem, and thus have the opportunity to make choices in life. In addition, we provide minibuses, sports wheelchairs, play spaces and sensory rooms that enable disabled young people to access a wider range of experiences and environments that enable them to develop and grow. We measure success on the impact we’ve had on young people’s lives, not just within the game of cricket, but also at school, work, in their local community and at home with family.
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The Lord's Taverners Limited

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