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The Magog Trust

The Magog Trust


The Magog Trust owns and manages Magog Down, a 163-acre reserve on the Gog Magog Hills near Cambridge, with rare views of the surrounding countryside.

Objectives of the Magog Trust: the provision of facilities for - Recreation; dogs-on-lead site except in designated areas - Conservation, protection and restoration of the countryside in Cambridgeshire - Support of registered charities having similar objectives The charity is constituted as a company limited by guarantee, and is therefore governed by a memorandum and articles of association. The charity’s object and its principal activity continues to be restoring the major part of its landholding to chalk pasture and woodland open for public amenity with provision for wildlife conservation and sanctuary. The charity is a registered farmer. The charity is organised so that the Trustee Directors meet regularly to manage its affairs. There is one self-employed part-time administrator. All work on the land is carried out by contractors or by volunteers.
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The Magog Trust

MAGOG Donations for upkeep and projects on Magog Down

Donations for upkeep and projects on Magog Down

We invite visitors to donate towards the cost of upkeep and planned projects on Magog Down.... Read more