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Octagon Theatre Bolton

Octagon Theatre Bolton


The Octagon creates theatrical experiences that inspire the people of Bolton and the North West.

"The most revitalised regional theatre in the country” - The Guardian

"Holding audiences spellbound in Bolton" - The Independent

We present annual seasons with a wide range of entertaining and thought-provoking productions that include Shakespeare, American drama, great European plays and contemporary classics, alongside brand new work, musicals, theatre for families and plays that are rooted in the culture of Bolton and the North West. Our opportunities for learning and participation enable people to realise their potential by expressing themselves and their stories. At the heart of our vision is a belief in the power of theatre to enrich lives and a commitment to do so through artistic excellence and community engagement.

Recent achievements include the production of no fewer than 18 world premieres in seven years and a growing programme of new writing initiatives. Tours and co-productions include Our Country’s Good with Out of Joint, which has recently played to great acclaim in London.

Last year, tens of thousands of people benefited from stimulating opportunities to participate at the Octagon, from learning days and our busy youth theatre, to community productions and schools activities. Bolton at Home describes the Octagon as “a key partner in our neighbourhood work” due to our extensive involvement with communities across the town. Through our relationship with the University of Bolton, we support the training and development of students who gain first-hand experience of theatre practice at the Octagon.

To find out more about what we do visit www.octagonbolton.co.uk

Photo credit: Ian Tilton.

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Octagon Theatre Bolton

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