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The Parish of the Transfiguration - Little Bowden

The Parish of the Transfiguration - Little Bowden

East Midlands

Our two church communities at St Hugh and St Nicholas have been serving the Parish of the Transfiguration for over 800 years.

The Harborough Anglican Team comprises five Church of England churches in Market Harborough, Little Bowden, Great Bowden and Lubenham.  We work closely as a team recognising that we can do more together than we can apart and that no one church can be or do everything.  The Harborough Anglican Team is also a Resourcing Church Team.  This means that through both existing congregations and the development of new ones (probably around six new congregations over the next six years) we hope to be a bigger church to make a bigger difference in our community, showing and telling of God’s amazing and revolutionary love for all. 
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The Parish of the Transfiguration - Little Bowden

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