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The Platform Project

The Platform Project

South West

Bridging the gap between education and employment

The Platform Project is an innovative development organisation that helps young people gain the skills, confidence and experience they need to launch their career. They work closely with local authorities, education institutions and local employers in order to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing work ready, capable and confident entry level talent.​ Their unique concept of a 'training workplace' provides an accelerated development environment for young people to access real workplace experiences. The live, structured and practical projects help them break down any barriers they may be facing that are preventing them from transitioning into and succeeding in further education, paid work or self-employment.​ Their nurturing and flexible ethos of the Platform Project encourages young people to develop their passions into professions, build their CV and work ready skills, enabling them to thrive in a professional environment. This proven development model introduces young people to a range of different career skills and youth led business options resulting in an 89% success rate.

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The Platform Project

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