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The Pound Arts Trust

The Pound Arts Trust

South West

Pound Arts is the registered charity that runs The Pound arts centre in Corsham, Wiltshire, as well as two annual festivals and the Rural Arts Touring scheme.

The Pound arts centre is a vibrant and welcoming venue in the centre of Corsham with a 100-seat auditorium, an exhibition space, cafe bar, parking and baby-friendly facilities. The centre also includes rehearsal and workshop spaces, studios housing three resident visual artists and a community workshop space.

Our work with artists, audiences, community groups, schools, businesses and more demonstrates our strong cultural, social and economic impact across Wiltshire and beyond. By supporting Pound Arts and The Pound Renovation Fund, you will guarantee the continued provision of world-class arts within a primarily rural setting.

On behalf of the trustees, directors, participating artists, staff, volunteers and audiences, 'Thank you' for donating. 

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The Pound Arts Trust

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