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The Purim Trust

The Purim Trust


We are UK registered charity supporting children living in poverty in the Philippines through child sponsorship

Currently supporting over 100 children in 3 different locations in the Philippines. These children and their families have been affected very severely due to Corona Virus - parents having no work, no jobs, no income. And now the children are having to homeschool, with no laptop or tablet. We have worked hard to see that these children get the education that they need in order to thrive in their future lives, so we're not going to stop working hard to see that their lives are improved through education. Which means we would like to be able to buy a tablet/laptop for each and every child in our sponsorship program. But we can only do that with donations from people like you. We do not have that kind of money so we are stepping out in faith to see if together we can help these children.
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The Purim Trust

PURIM1 Philippines Laptop Appeal - helping Sponsor Children home school

Philippines Laptop Appeal - helping Sponsor Children home school

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