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Tiffin Girls' Music Society

Tiffin Girls' Music Society


Tiffin Girls’ Music Society is a parent-led charity proudly supporting the provision of Music as a subject at The Tiffin Girls' School.

We work closely to help the Music department provide a top-class musical education and an outstanding range of free co-curricular activities open to all. Our contributions also pay for items such as instruments, sheet music and coaching for choirs and ensembles.

Through successful match-funded bids, we have also helped transform the school's music infrastructure which has enhanced students' musicality and provided new ways to approach the subject. This has positive and far-reaching outcomes for everyone at the school.

Our successes are only possible with your help. Please support our TGSMUSIC campaign by clicking on the DONATE button below. 

*Through DONATE, the Tiffin Girls' Music Society (Registered Charity no: 1090557) are raising funds for this and for other charitable purposes, for the direct benefit of the Music department.

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Tiffin Girls' Music Society

TGSMUSIC For the benefit of The Tiffin Girls' School Music Department

For the benefit of The Tiffin Girls' School Music Department

Your backing and support for The Tiffin Girls' School Music Department is crucial to sustain the provision of outstanding musical opportunities for th... Read more