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Fundraising Event

Turn Cheltenham Yellow for Tiggy

Tiggy Hancock Trust CLG

Tiggy’s Trust is a foundation that was set up in memory of Tiggy Hancock, as a way of honouring Tiggy’s memory by spreading the kindness, generosity and inclusivity that was an integral part of her personality. Tiggy’s Trust will use funds raised to assist young people by offering mental health support, and by providing training and education to help young aspiring equestrians achieve their goals.

Tiggy’s Trust is Turning Cheltenham Racecourse Yellow For Tiggy on Friday,10th December. The Hancock family are so grateful and would like to thank all of our Auction Donors for their incredible generosity. All of these lots have been provided for free. So rest assured everything you spend will be split in full between Tiggy’s Trust and The Injured Jockeys Fund / Pony Racing Authority, who are our partners for our Cheltenham launch event. We hope you find these lots interesting and bid well!

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Tiggy Hancock Trust CLG

Tiggy’s Trust aims to assist young equestrians through mental health support , training and education to enable them to achieve their goals find out more

Tiggy Hancock Trust CLG