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Toynbee Hall

Toynbee Hall

South East

We bring together communities, organisations and policy makers to create new ways to help those who find themselves in poverty today.

Based in the East End of London, Toynbee Hall has been at the heart of its community for 130 years, providing some of the most disadvantaged communities with access to free legal and financial advice and supporting people, both young and older, to achieve their potential. Over the next two years Toynbee Hall will be undertaking a significant regeneration of our East End site. The key reasons for this are: 1) To conserve our Grade II listed historical hall so we can preserve and share our heritage for future generations 2) To meet current and future demand for our services 3) To give us the financial security we need to advance in other areas; funding services that are crucial but that no one else wants to invest in

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Toynbee Hall

TOYN001 Heritage Staircase

Heritage Staircase

£4,800 is all we need to restore the beautiful staircase of Toynbee Hall built in 1884. ... Read more