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Urostomy Association

Urostomy Association

West Midlands

The Urostomy Association provides information and support to people undergoing surgery/living with a urinary diversion such as urostomy.

The Urostomy Association was formed in 1971 to provide information and support to people with a urinary diversion such as urostomy. Surgery may be carried out for a range of reasons including bladder cancer, birth defects and pelvic trauma. People with a urostomy wear a stoma bag on their abdomen to collect urine. People with an internal diversion may need to use catheters in order to pass urine. Most people who have the operation have never heard of it prior to their surgery, so being able to obtain information and speak to or meet with somebody who has been through it can be very helpful before surgery and in the recovery period. We provide a helpline, regular magazine, information leaflets, website and social media. Our local Branches, run by volunteers who are living with a urinary diversion themselves, provide one to one support and a chance to meet others. We also campaign to ensure that people with a urostomy have access to the medical equipment that is required, and are not discriminated against when out and about (for example, ensuring that public toilets are open/suitable; security staff at airports are trained).
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Urostomy Association

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