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Waterloo Sunrise CIC

Waterloo Sunrise CIC

North West

Waterloo Sunrise CIC helps promote Waterloo, Merseyside by organising community based events such as the annual Waterloo Festival.

Waterloo Sunrise Community Interest Company, incorporated in 2016, is an event management company which supports local community based activities or projects for the benefit of the residents, community organisations and businesses of Waterloo, Merseyside. The company produces the annual Waterloo Festival, which showcases local talented musicians and community groups, and reinvests any profits made from this and other such events into Waterloo CIC. It is Not for Profit company promoting community cohesion by involving residents, voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises in creating, planning, staging and enjoying live music, artistic and cultural events in Waterloo, Merseyside.
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Waterloo Sunrise CIC

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