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Watts Gallery

Watts Gallery

South East

Watts Gallery a national gallery in the heart of a village.

Watts Gallery was founded in 1905 to promote the understanding and appreciation of George Frederic Watts OM RA & Mary Seton Watts in the context of the 19th century & to protect & promote the Watts Gallery Estate & its collection for future generations. Watts Gallery’s regular activities include exhibitions promoting different aspects of Watts & his ideas; regular re-displays of the permanent collection; the Art for All learning programme - founded on the collection & founders' ethos - which is reaching excluded groups; a training programme for 300 volunteers in heritage interpretation management & apprenticeships. Watts Gallery is working to restore & open to the public the studios of GF & MS Watts, creating a centre of heritage skills & learning. The new Watts Studios museum will be open in 2015. Watts Gallery also manages the care, maintenance & visitor access to Watts Chapel.

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Watts Gallery

WATT003 Physical Energy Challenge 2015: Conserve the Watts Collection

Physical Energy Challenge 2015: Conserve the Watts Collection

Please support Watts Gallery Trust’s 2015 Physical Energy Challenge to conserve and care for the Watts Collection. ... Read more