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We Too!

We Too!


"When children are introduced to inclusion from an early age, they are more likely to approach children with disabilities with acceptance"

Originally named “Me Too!” was founded in Summer 2015, by a local parent, frustrated with the fragmentation of information in Aberdeen City and Shire when looking for activities for her disabled son. The idea was to produce a free, quarterly “What’s On” Guide for her community. Today, We Too! Magazine distributes to a readership of 31,000 in North East Scotland and is widely recognised as the leading organisation of “Relaxed Sessions” in the area - making events and sessions accessible to people who may otherwise find it challenging due to sensory considerations. We Too! also offers peer support through “We Too! & You”, a monthly children’s club “We Too! Club” and a school holiday programme. We Too! also delivers bespoke ASN training to organisations as well as our 6 week parent course “So my child’s autistic - what’s next?” and our 6 week sibling course “So my sibling is autistic - so what?” Winner of 6 Awards to date and at only 4 years old, we continue to be parent-led and driven by the needs of our community and the desire to reverse the inclusion model, where Relaxed Sessions are predominately for ASN participants, but in fact anyone is welcome as long as they are aware of the sessions they are participating in.
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We Too!

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