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Woodley Concert Band

Woodley Concert Band

South East

Woodley Concert Band is an award-winning, high quality wind band based in Woodley, near Reading in Berkshire.

The band consists of around 40 musicians, meeting once a week to rehearse in Woodley, Reading. Our aim is to entertain our audiences with a wide variety of music, and to provide our players with opportunities to extend their repertoire and skills. Through our music, we have also been glad to help raise significant sums of money for local charities. During an average year, we give 3 major indoor concerts, and appear at a wide variety of outdoor events from June to September, including a trip further afield for a weekend of music making, food and drink. Over the past few years we’ve played in the London Parks, Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Canterbury, the Isle of Wight, Malvern as well as undertaking a long weekend in Belgium.
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Woodley Concert Band

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