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Writerz and Scribez CIC

Writerz and Scribez CIC


Writerz and Scribez CIC founded in 2014 and based in London is a creative arts company committed to championing social change through art.

Since 2014 we have been working with disadvantaged and marginalized communities including in areas of homelessness, domestic violence and youth offending, giving them the opportunities and platforms to tell their stories and experiences in order to change the societal narrative about them and reduce social stigma.  In so doing we aim to achieve our key objective: ‘Using creative arts to improve personal and social development, connect individuals and boost mental health and emotional wellbeing’ We run projects and events in various community settings across the United Kingdom often in collaboration with partnering organisations that have similar aims. These include Hestia Women's Refuges, Crisis Homeless charity, Women In Prison charity and others. By providing opportunities for self expression we affirm all voices as vital and valuable. By supporting us you will be providing creative sessions for vulnerable people who are often in chaotic situations; these sessions give them a positive outlet for individual reflection and community growth. A young mother estranged from family after fleeing an abusive relationship, a homeless man isolated from his peers, a previous offender looking to rebuild their life. Our sessions make a difference. Please be part of that with your generous donation.

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Writerz and Scribez CIC


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