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Your Space (Marches) Ltd

Your Space (Marches) Ltd


Your Space is a charity for young people with Autistic Spectrum Condition and their families. We are based in Wrexham, but we cover North Wales.

We run fun and engaging after-school activities and holiday clubs. Our timetable currently consists of Teens Club, Expressive Arts, Saturday Social Club, Family Swim Nights, Holiday Club and Sibling Sundays. All our sessions are inclusive and led by the interest of the young people attending them. Our staff are caring and passionate about giving our young people the highest standard of care during our activities. Our Family Outreach Team provide 1-1 support for parents, give advice, signpost to other agencies but most importantly are a listening ear. Your Space run regular parent support groups, these groups provide a safe space for parents to share what they are going through with people who truly understand. These sessions can also include training and information sharing from professionals and experts in their field. As a charity we rely heavily on volunteers who generously give their time to support the work we do.
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Your Space (Marches) Ltd

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