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Abby's Heroes

Abby's Heroes

South East

We support children, teenagers, young adults and their families diagnosed with cancer from across the South Coast.

The families we support, face months or years of treatment. They are often separated for long periods, as parents need to stay with the child, but also may have siblings that need looking after as well. Jobs are put on hold and inevitably financial implications start to hit home, this puts a massive strain on families as normal life ceases to exist. Abby’s heroes has been set up entirely with this in mind. Practical help will be given - financial grants to help people through a difficult time. Bereaved families may be given grants to help give parents time to grieve. Days out and fun memory-making grants will also be given, which will allow the families a chance to do something together.
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Abby's Heroes

ABBYS Abby's Main Campaign

Abby's Main Campaign

Raising money to support Children, Teenagers, Young Adults and their Families diagnosed with cancer from across the South Coast... Read more