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Complaints Procedure

The National Funding Scheme (NFS) is a registered charity (No. 1149800 in England and Wales and no. SC045106 in Scotland). We believe strongly in best practice fundraising and are registered with the Fundraising Regulator (company no. 10016446) who sets best practice guidelines across the fundraising sector. Should you have a complaint about any of our services then please, in the first instance, contact us either by email at hello@nationalfundingscheme.org or by calling 020 3174 2276 or by writing to us at National Funding Scheme, Marcar House, 13 Parkshot, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2RG. Following a phone complaint we will ask you to put this in writing to us.


Your complaint will need to identify:

  • Your details (so we may contact you)
  • Date and times relevant to the complaint
  •  A description of the service or product being complained about along with the circumstances during which you had cause for complaint.
  • If a digital device was involved we will ask for details of the device (make, type, operating system etc.) so we can identify any technical issue.
  • Any photographic or video evidence.

We will log your complaint and give you a time estimate when we will revert to you. Most complaints will be responded to within 7 working days but in any case we will provide an outcome of our investigation within 28 days of the acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.


Both you and us retain the right to discuss your complaint with the Fundraising Regulator at anytime.


We will keep a log of all complaints made but will always act within data protection law. You may therefore ask us to remove any personal data relating to your complaint.