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Abused Men In Scotland

Abused Men In Scotland


Scotland's leading charity for supporting male victims of domestic abuse

AMIS is a small national charity that directly supports and advocates for the thousands of male victims and survivors of domestic abuse across Scotland. Each year we provide guidance, information and advice to over 500 men from our office in Edinburgh. We operate a five-day helpline, digital support services, provide training to public services and engage with politicians to improve recognition of male victims. The fantastic work we do is not always easy. There is a gap in provisions, a gap in public awareness, and a gap in support services for male victims. Domestic abuse is not associated with men, so it is often too easy to forget or ignore their experiences. We are not only supporting individuals but are improving society's understanding of domestic abuse. As the only national organisation that advocates and supports men across the whole of Scotland, we have our work cut out - but we make it work. Our small team work tirelessly to make sure everyone has access to a service that will make them safer, healthier and happier. We are based in Edinburgh, but our work has a much wider impact. We may be small, but we achieve amazing outcomes every week on a tiny budget. We rely on donations from grants and individuals - with no Government funding. We appreciate any support you can offer.
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Abused Men In Scotland

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