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Acton Arts CIC

Acton Arts CIC


Acton Arts CIC has re-purposed the Old Library on Acton High Street into a sustainable two-screen cinema and café that welcomes the community

Acton Arts CIC, trading as ActOne Cinema has occupied the disused Passmore Edwards library on Acton High Street since April 2021 from where we are operating a 2-screen cinema. In addition to the cinema we have a spacious lounge area and a cafe. Within the building we have held: Art exhibitions, numerous special screenings, community meetings, choir practice and children’s activities. The cinema and cafe is operational everyday of the week employing 7 staff, whose work is supported by 60 volunteers. Our aim is to encourage and support culture, to play an active and essential role in the regeneration of our high street, and encourage the local night-time economy, while providing a venue where all feel welcome.

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Acton Arts CIC

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