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Acton Baptist Church CIO

Acton Baptist Church CIO


The Living Room is a Safe Place for Teenagers - a long standing youth group open to all.

The Living Room is a Youth Group for 11-18 year olds based in Acton, operated under the umbrella of Acton Baptist Church CIO, We have been operating for 9 years in West London. All donations go the Living Room funds and are used solely for this project - no funds are used for the wider church activities. We aim to create a space where everyone is welcome whatever religion or world belief, gender, ethnicity or sexual identity. We are passionate to see young people reach their potential and strive to create a safe and happy environment for all.
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Acton Baptist Church CIO

LIVING 2020 Living Room fundraiser

2020 Living Room fundraiser

Raising funds to support the work of the Living Room throughout 2020 and beyond... Read more